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Labyrinth Books by Robert Ferre

Since 1995 I have been a professional labyrinth maker. Along with my assistant Judy Hopen, we hand made more labyrinths than perhaps anyone in history (over a thousand). I still make one now and then, but proton therapy has taken over my life and attention. For more detailed descriptions of the books, click on the Amazon links. They go to the information page, not the buy page. The titles are descriptive as to the contents. If you are interested in a historical account of the revival of interest in labyrinths during the past thirty years, the first book will fill you in. See also my business website, originally about labyrinths and still a source of much information, and now also the publishing arm of my business:

The Labyrinth Revival . . . . . (link)

Chartres Labyrinth Construction Manual . . . . . (link)

Classical Labyrinths Construction Manual . . . . . (link)

Canvas Labyrinths Construction Manual . . . . . (link)

Church Labyrinths . . . . . (link)



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