8. Graduation


Upon finishing treatment, part of the graduation ceremony involves ringing the victory bell, upon which is inscribed this poem. I prefer to call it the completion bell.





This is a similar ceremonial bell at Wings Clinic in Memphis, Tennessee. The doves, to me, represent the freeing of the spirit after the fear and uncertainty of one’s cancer journey. Note the edge of the labyrinth in the foreground, also a powerful symbol for life's journey, even through cancer.









The see-through mask keeps the head and neck stationary when proton therapy is given for esophageal or brain cancer.







It takes a large staff to handle all of the aspects of proton therapy.











I thought I was hot stuff wearing my fancy socks during my treatments, until I discovered the legacy of Krazy Kramer who wore all of these.












At the very beginning I made a calendar to check off my progress each day. During the graduation ceremony, after my last treatment, I made the last check.










I get my certificate. From left to right: Elizabeth, Samantha, Me, Linda.









My certificate. Provision has since changed its name to Provision CARES Proton Therapy Center.









Linda and I ring the completion bell together.








Samantha was the first person I talked to about Provison in August of 2016. As I left on November 1, my treatment complete, she was one of the last people to wish me happy travels.









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