6. A Treatment Day

Before turning into the driveway, called Provision Cares Way, we see this water feature beside the road leading into the Dowell Springs campus, part of Provision's lot. An even larger and longer one tumbles through the center of the campus. In many shopping centers and developments you see an ugly series of concrete basins, surrounded by chain link fences. These have to do with required water retention. Here, the same goal is accomplished in a much more presentable way, one more example of the imagination and high standards that typify this development. As a former real estate developer, I appreciate what they have done. It cost hundreds of thousands of dollars.

The overall group of which Provision CARES Proton Therapy Center is a part is Provision Healthcare Alliance, which has this excellent fitness facility that I utilized almost every treatment day. Spacious and well-equipped, it cost $10 a week for a temporary membership.





Upon entering the building for my proton therapy, I scan my name tag, which tells the system that I am there. I sit in the lobby until they call me for my treatment.










Getting established on the table. It’s flat and hard because any cushioning would introduce movement and thus imprecision. My legs rest in the cradle and my head on a soft pillow. Kyle and Cortney get me lined up.









My treatment socks. The nozzle from which the proton beams and x-rays are emitted can be seen in the background. My table turns so I am treated from each side.











This shows how the lasers line me up using the dots tattooed onto my thighs. The tech added the circle with a ballpoint pen to make the dot more evident.













My view of the ceiling. Not as dramatic as being in a gantry.









Treatment room. The techs go behind this wall during x-rays but completely out of the room during proton beam projection. Justin checks my details.







X-rays taken from two directions. The ones taken during each treatment must coincide exactly with the ones taken during my original simulation. On the left is the daily one and on the right, the original one. The center screen shows the merged scans. This is an important part of the technology.






A better view of the three fiducial markers (two straight and one bent) which will remain inside of me for life,.








Three areas with colored stripes, called grapes, mark the designated location of the fiducial markers. You can faintly see a fiducial marker in the center of each grape. The grape assures precision within two millimeters. Being in the center of the grape, as shown, is less than that.









Viewing me through the monitor from behind the concrete walls and doors while I receive my protons. The cameras show two views. Photos such as these make the book a valued resource, portraying the treatment, not just talking about it.


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