17. Future Considerations

The founders of Provision started ProNova to manufacture proton therapy equipment. The facility is very impressive (tours available upon request).




In 2017 construction will start for the building in which they will manufacture cyclotrons. The twenty-six acre site has room for four buildings. Competition is fierce, especially with large established companies. However, ProNova's superior technology should gain some attention. Any astute developer of a proton therapy facility would do well to at least check with ProNova to see what they offer.





The development of this patented superconducting magnet in an important part of ProNova's technology.







Built of sheet steel instead of tubular construction, this ProNova gantry is very distinctive. Even at 40% smaller, it still looks huge.









This shows another ProNova innovation. The nozzle is cantilevered out into the room rather than being stuck in a tunnel. To do this took a considerable amount of redesigning.







This installation will cost under one hundred million dollars. It will serve as the prototype for a ProNova installation, except for the cyclotron.








It takes an unbelievable amount of concrete to construct the radiation-protected treatment rooms.






The Texas Center for Proton Therapy in Irving, Texas (near Dallas).







The Scripps Proton Therapy Center in San Diego, California.







In a chapter about the future of proton therapy it is necessary to acknowledge the huge market developing in China, where the need is great.







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