16. Provision


This photo was taken at the entrance of the drieway into Provision CARES Proton Therapy Center. We turned into this driveway forty-three times (two for the simulation days, thirty-nine for treatments and one for a Saturday tour of the facility)





This lovely photo of the Provison building was taken by VOA Associates. (Not included in the book.)






I make an analogy between the audacious mason who built Chartres Cathedral in France and those who developed proton therapy. The whole idea of Gothic construction was to let in the light (hence a photo of th windows). Light is a form of radiation, of course.






Bonus photo: The front of Chartres Cathedral in Chartres, France. It is easily recognized by its dissimilar towers, built three hundred years apart in different styles. I have been to Chartres fifty-three times over a period of fifty-two years.










Bonus photo: This is the labyrinth inside of Chartres Cathedral, perhaps the most elegant design ever created. This photo was taken by Jill Geoffrion, a spectacular photographer and part-time resident of Chartres. As a professional labyrinth maker, I have been called on to make this pattern more than any other (some eight hundred of them over the past two decades).




Terry Douglass, one of the founders of Provision CARES Proton Therapy Center.













Provision has a major presence within this development on Middlebrook Pike in Knoxville, Tennessee.







Part of the water course that tumbles down the hill through Dowell Springs. The walking trail crosses it several times over picturesque bridges.














One of the bridges over the water course.








The Dowell Springs bridge reminds me of Monet's famous Japanese Bridge at Giverny, in France.









The historic Dowell-Lones house, built on this site in the 19th century because of the presence of an all-season spring (hence the nae Dowell Springs). This was for rent during my stay, as a comercial property (not a residence). The cemetery in the backyard includes some of the slaves as well as family members.






I didn't put this in the the book because I don't want it to seem like an advertising piece for Provision (despite all of the positive things I have to say about them). I intend to support all proton centers. Provision Solutuons is paired with ProNova Solutions for full-service proton therapy.




This shows the general layout of Dowell Springs and the buildings associated with Provision's various entitites.










The children's area at Provision.









The last part of the building to be completed was the treatment rooms.








Delivering the cyclotron on a specially made twelve axel trailer.








Lifting the cyclotron into place.








The tour of Provision included the explanation of the gantry in one of the treatment rooms.







The beam line at Provision, delivering the protons from the cyclotron to the treatment rooms.











This character stands beside the outdoor tables for the Grind Coffeehouse on Gay Street.
















Linda walking down Gay Street in downtown Knoxville.











Several times we had meals at the French Market Creperie where this anonymous crepe maker made buckwheat gluten-free crepes for us.









We had time to tour the area, including Pigeon Forge and Gatlinburg a month before a forest fire did serious damage.








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