10. History


Robert Wilson made a huge contribution to proton therapy. He also designed this excellent building for FermiLab which he headed for a number of years.










This is the interior of the above building.












If the above seems very cathedral like, it is no accident. Wilson got his inspiration from Beavais Cathedral, the tallest of the French cathedrals.










Wilson also dotted the FermiLab grounds (and pond) with his sculptures. This one is called tractricious.









This bonus photo shows another Wilson sculpture named hyperbolicobilisk. I suspect there is a connection between his appreciation of cathedrals and his use of three-dimensional geometry, as the cathedrals were built according to ancient pronciples of sacred geometry. Perhaps Wilson investigated that connection and became intereted in geometry. Or maybe it came from his mathematics training.










James Slater was a founding father of the proton therapy center at Loma Linda University, the first such center to open. His vision and expertise created a much brighter future for treating cancer, even though it has taken decades to reach today's status.






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