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Since being treated for prostate cancer in 2016 with proton beam therapy, I have been writing books, giving public lectures, and maintaining three websites on the subject. EVERYONE facing a cancer diagnosis need to know about this technology. I'm doing my best to get out the word.

These books are in full color and cost less than twenty dollars on Amazon. That's a modest investment for such an important life-saving topic. I have priced the books slightly more than one dollar above the minium price required by Amazon. This isn't a profit center for me. In fact, considering the time and cost of my activities, it is definitely a labor of love and a public service.

Accordingly, here you will find many photos and illustrations from the books, along with captions, stories, and other information, all at no cost.


My first book was specifically about proton therapy for prostate cancer. In August, 2018, I released the new updated version, shown above. Click on photo for more information.

This book illustrates how proton therapy can be used for 80% of all cancers. Click on the cover above for more information.


The above link will take you to extensive material, including text, photos, illustrations, captions, links, and much more. I would like you to buy my books, but a reasonable substitute is to look at these illustrations.


Over and over the benefits of proton therapy are repeated:

1. Protons are more accurate than x-rays, less invasive than surgery, and more targeted than chemotherapy.

2. Protons hit their target and then stop, unlike x-rays that go right through the whole body.

3. Protons do minimal damage to surrounding tissue and organs, which makes it the right treatment in places that x-rays and surgery fear to go.

4. Pencil beam scanning (PBS) is a type of proton therapy that delivers the dose in rows and layers of spots. The targets do not need to be contiguous. Here is an example.

As long as some form of imaging can identify the targets, such as CT or PET scans, x-rays, MRIs, or some combination thereof, PBS could treat all of the red marbles in the above jar, and spare the white ones. Or vice versa. You can't do that with x-rays or surgery.


Reviews are the lifeblood of an author. Would you buy a book before reading the reviews? If you have read any of my books, please go to Amazon and leave a favorable review. You can find direct links to the review page in the sidebar to the right.


The purpose of my books is to give the reader information about proton therapy from my personal point of view as a previous patient treated with this technology. I am NOT giving medical advice. If you think you might want to have proton therapy, contact a proton center and ask for a consultation. Do NOT rely solely on the contents of my books or websites. Seek proper medical advice from a source currently engaged in the application of proton therapy. You may contact me for corrections to this book, to ask questions, or to elaborate on my personal experience, but NOT for medical advice, for which I am unqualified. I do, however, have very strong well-supported opinions, which I express freely. My books are not scientific reports filled with footnotes and attributions. They are my observations and personal account of the current state of proton therapy. If you disagree with me, feel free to write your own book.


The original book was a bit pricey at $29.95 (due to being in full color and distributed worldwide). So I wrote a slightly abridged edition in a smaller format, in black-and-white. It cost only $14.95. The photos on this website were intended for the benefit of the readers of that black and white edition, as well as eBook readers that do not have color capability.

The new 2018 editions of the above books were slimmed down, and are available only on Amazon and not from your library or bookstore. For that reason, the price is lower, $19.95 in both instances. As a result, there is no longer a need for the abridged edition (see cover below), which has now been discontinued.


If you want one of these books for free, just send me your name and address.

This book shown below, first released as an eBook, has also been discontinued in favor of the new updated versions.

Thank you for your interest in my books and the topic of proton therapy. I wish you good reading.

Robert Ferre


Robert Ferré.

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Best Prostate Cancer Treatment: Proton Beam Therapy

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Proton Therapy: Revolutionary Treatment for 80% of ALL Cancers

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Another Memoir

This book isn't my first memoir. I wrote a book about the cruise industry combined with my wife's and my love story entitled Cruise of the Heart: Memoir of a Transatlantic Voyage. It has its own website:
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During my twenty plus year career as a labyrinth builder I wrote a number of books about labyrinths, how to make them, and the current revival in interest. You can find them on Amazon.

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