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My book, Best Prostate Cancer Treatment: Proton Beam Therapy, contains more than 150 full-color photos and illustrations. The new slightly abridged edition, entitled Prostate Cancer & Proton Therapy: Highly Effective, Noninvasive, Few Side Effects is in black-and-white format. For those who purchase that book (or no book at all), this page has links to photos and text from the color edition, linked below by chapter. The photos are low resolution (72 dpi). If you would like to use one of these and need a higher resolution, just let me know.

1. Prostates and Protons

2. The Furture has Arrived

3. Making my Decision

4. Diagnosis (no photos)

5. Getting Started

6. A Treatment Day

7. Side Effects

8. Graduation

9. The Physics of Protons

10. History

11. Dosimetry

12. Diet and Lifestyle

13. Inner Healing

14. More About Medicare

15. Insurance (no photos)

16. Provision

17. Future Considerations

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